Sunday, October 14, 2007

You Need A Lover

I'm young, employed, healthy, ambitious,
Sound, solvent, self-made, self-possessed.
But all my symptoms are pernicious.
The Dow-Jones of my heart's depressed.
The sunflower of my youth is wilting.
The tower of my dreams is tilting.
The zoom lens of my zest is blurred.
The drama of my life's absurd.
What is the root of my neurosis?
I jog, eat brewer's yeast each day,
And yet I feel life slip away.
I wait your sapient diagnosis.
I die! I faint! I fail! I sink!
You need a lover, John, I think.

- Vikram Seth

Thanks to Piper for the poem. You can find the bugger at


  1. Dude...what happened to you...?
    how come this sudden transition??
    some serious awakening of the romantic inside...? :D

  2. First enconter with Vikram Seth's work. Amusing.