Monday, October 01, 2007

Implied Genius

The bone of contention tonight is a simple question. You might have met it in the bazaar lanes, while strolling back home. Or maybe not. I will spell it out here for your inconvenience. Stop reading further if you feel things are getting too predictable. I have come not to expect your company. I don't mind it. I know not many people have the stamina for questions, especially when they come from a person who is not named I, Me or Myself.

Having done away with disclaimers and warnings, let's get down to the business at hand. I know your time is not as cheap as mine.

Whom do you call intelligent and how can intelligence be defined?

I am not supposed to hazard a guess. Or am I? Okay. I won't be playing the game. However, I feel inclined to guide you in the direction in which I am looking. After all, I am not in the mood for desserts which don't go well with my taste.

Think beyond what the world has taught you. I learnt my lessons pretty well when I was in kindergarten. Try to take a peek into what the word truly implies, beyond the gaudy facade. Is it finesse in art that we are talking about? Does scientific genius outshine the number cruncher? Is the wordsmith as much a genius as the astronomer searching for poetry in faraway galaxies? What is genius if it is not Albert Einstein or Vincent van Gogh? What is it if it's both?

I presume this is not one of those philosophical questions which have circuitous answers. I presume I have been stupid enough not to look in the right places. I presume you will help me in finding my true bearings. I presume you will reply.


  1. To me, Genius is a phenomenon...even intelligence...or intelligent for that matter, not merely a person. Not an adjective merely. Intelligent to me, is not simply an adjective which can be attributed to someone who impresses us with his or her creativity, competence, skills etc.To know a genius as a genius, his work, his writings or paintings or exhibition of his skills in any form whatsoever isn't required. A genius himself is his own proof. There's this vibe that can be felt when he's around you. Maybe he won't feel the same way about himself. And yet, there's something about his identity...Its just a state of mind, felt just by us...the observers.

  2. hey Sid kaka, you qualify if we take this definition. Seriously dude !!
    Anyways, I'm not a blogger but have been a fan of your blog for quite sometime now.
    Rather have been your fan for quite some time... :D

  3. Genius is a state of being. However, if people could be classified like matter, genius would certainly NOT be one of the categories.

    What is genius? You needn't be a whizz at what you do, or successful. Genius is not mundane. Neither is it immortal. What is genius? I can tell you what its not.

    Intelligence too is not measurable. It is circumstantial, discretely packaged into time frames. Yu can be intelligent at something and an utter fool in another place or time. But more than anything else, I think its inconsequential.