Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Hello Everyone,
In case you have somehow managed to reach this place, you are either an extremely lucky soul or have somehow (very diabolically) managed to read my mind. That is because Sophomore's Den was no longer rocking. Readership was dwindling and comments were at an all time low. iamgonnarock was beginning to sound too cliched. Then a chance glance at another name, which went something like, proved to be the final straw. I decided to change THE name.

Also, when I used to Google for Sophomore's Den, my stupid firewall used to block the search because it contained the phrase HOMO. Talk about security. Next thing you expect them to do is block Picasso because of the ASS in it. Coming to think of it, maybe they already do. Duhh :|

First to go was the blog URL. Then came the bookmarks and RSS Feeds. Queued up for ruthless assassination were messages to regular buggers and scraps to even more regular ones. Eventually, a blog post ensued. End of exams has a way of making you do all sorts of useless tasks. Bah!

To cut the story short, Sophomore's Den is now available at

The header changes to SleepingTablets. But I will revert back to the earlier one in case I receive an outrageous response to the change. Don't worry. Even though the header goes, the Sophomore stays. He is not going anywhere. Even if he is the only one reading this blog.

Much better. At least that is what I think. I hope I am not completely wrong. That can prove to be quite dangerous when yours is the only opinion that matters.

People might ask why SleepingTablets? Well, SleepingTablets is kinda like a venture that started sometime ago. It is (supposed to be) connected with all things *creative* that a certain group of people come up with. We kind of hide away the crap conjured by the same bunch of lunatics. But that's a well kept secret. Cutting the bullshit, the modified name and header is a tribute to the same spirit of creativity. After all, we are all insomniacs, in need of a few sleeping tablets.

But all this hullabaloo naturally implies a lot of confusion. I hope Murphy's Law won't reign supreme and that peace will be restored to blogosphere, especially that part of it which houses my readers. Until then, I will try my best to let you all know of the change.

A big sorry for the bother. Hu ha.


  1. *Dedicated to all the "blog name changers" who assume they are starved, friendless and miserable in that theirs-of-A country ... God bless them, they're right!!*

  2. Tsk tsk. The rocker turns sleepy. THOROUGHLY amazed with the "docile" tone of the post. And about reaching here being lucky? Did you leave me a choice? Hmpf.

    P.S. I demand the old picture+words back (I am sounding like those shrieky, stamp-foot-till-get-girls now)

  3. ohh...relocated...and i kept hitting the 404 not found thingy...
    anonymous fans don't have a choice after all.

  4. You are an idiot ! And you are still alive....Tough Luck!

  5. Job done. feeds redirected and links changed :)

    Keep scribbling - i am reading