Friday, October 19, 2007

You Got Tagged

What's tagging?
When I tag a fellow blogger and ask him to write on a particular subject, he or she is blogg-ily obliged to do so. Of course, we don't always end up having these loony requests being met by one and all. That being said and done, tagging seems like a fun thing. I have never been tagged before and so I think it is only apt that I should be the one to start the vicious circle ;-) Have Fun.

We have often ended up vowing to do certain somethings but never actually effecting them. Last night was one such night for me. Time and again, we are reminded of our inability to enjoy life the simple way. But things are never how they should be. I guess it's just the beauty of realizing the truth itself. I hope this helps you do the same.

This is the subject of this tag. I will just mention my take on the issue. The ones being tagged can take the cue and carry on from here :)

I tag Fact Man, Piper, Banter and Shaktimaan. Sorry guys! You are probably the only ones reading this.

Cry and Shout Why don't we let it out sometime? Just for a change perhaps. I believe it will be a tremendous relief the day I will cry my heart out, shout away all my anger or just yell the hell out of myself. Someone somewhat correctly said, "Tears don't show how weak we are. They just show how much we can bear." I have been a pressure cooker for too long. Quietly and (often) very humbly trying to ignore everything distasteful. Let's do some yelling tonight (Y)

Express Why don't we express how we feel for a person? Not just someone we like or love. But maybe someone we idolize, adore or hate? Why is it too hard to say how much our family means to us? A phone call perhaps. Maybe just a letter. I imagine it must be hard. I can't muster enough courage myself.

Break Away Unshackle those chains of ordinariness bounding you. It's not always a crime to be someone or something different. Why follow the sheep when you can be the shepherd? Do something different today. Wake all night. Start a revolution. Be the change you want to see in others.

Be Oneself Is it too hard being what we are? Actually it is. One only assumes that one is being oneself. But one is continuously being molded by the opinion of the junta on the sidelines. Change is not bad. But it is not that welcome either if it comes at the cost of identity. So why not be crass if you can not help it? Why be cool if you don't want to be? Why be sophomore when sid is what you are?

Feel Love Hate eats you inside out. So just go for love instead. Feel the emotion which has intrigued human psyche for centuries. Why not be polite and modest for a change? Why not forgive those who err? Ignore their mistakes, realizing we could have been the ones committing them? Why not opt for letting go (for once) and waiting for it to come back to you? A certain Shaktimaan once said to me, "I am not big enough to love without wanting to be loved back, I'm afraid...But I know people who are. And boy, do I respect them. Because that's what love is all about. Loving and setting free. Not about loving and getting."

I fully realize this is as crappy as a post can get. But I had to somehow let it out. Following my own advice for once.

has been generous enough to complete the tag. You can find his take here.


  1. "I fully realize this is as crappy as a post can get."
    Please elaborate on this with due consideration to:
    "It's not always a crime to be someone or something different."
    "Is it too hard being what we are?"

    Why do your posts have to generally end with an acknowledgement that what you write is...well, crap??
    Trying to be modest are you? if yes, its stupid.
    btw, it was good, the post.
    -anonymous fan

  2. This one is for the A-fan.

    When you can do better (and I am sure you believe so too) being less than better is not something unacceptable. Be different, but in a positive fashion. No one wants me turning into a raving lunatic, isn't it?

    About the posts ending on that note. If I stop believing I can be something better, I will stop being myself. Is that reason enough?