Sunday, October 10, 2010

Everybody Lies

X: I do not lie. Not that it should matter to you. You obviously seem to know the truth.
Y: Everybody lies.

X: How come?
Y: White Lies? Your thing?

X: White?
Y: Lies which we tell to make other people feel better.

X: Huh?
Y: No? What about rationalizations? Those are lies which we tell to make ourselves feel better.

X: I think I am gonna go.
Y: Hmm, not even that? Lies of Omission? So are you going to tell me? What's your favourite way to have sex?

Y: See, now that is an evasion. You need to stick to the stereotypes. What use is my lecturing if it's not even helping you see the light? So, what is it? Saddle, bronc, or doggie?

X: I think I'd be better off sticking to a lie.
Y: I told you. It's like the great Dr. House said, "Lies are like children. They're hard work. But they are worth it, because the future depends on them."

*Smug Smile*. Anyone?