Friday, October 27, 2006

Sand Castles

Success teaches you many lessons. But, so does failure. Bitter Lessons. Lessons which are not learnt very easily and which require all your will power to be put into practice. In the recent past, my will was tested in a similar fashion. I broke down like all mortal weaklings. I tore my hair, I cried in desperation and rebuked anyone who tried to drill some sense into me. But I guess that is how things have a habit of working out.

The angry waves soon ebbed away, leaving wet sand in their wake. Sand which could be moulded into shapes that I desired. This metamorphosis might ot might not bring a marked change in me. Whether it is for better or worse, I don't know. Maybe the castles that I build now will be washed away once again when the tide rises. But at least the satisfaction of having tried will be there to soothe my troubled psyche.

Our inner voice demands several things of us. They are always justified. But we somehow manage to learn to ignore that same voice. Until it becomes so weak and faint that it hardly creates any ripples. That must have been the case with me. But my knee-shattering failure shook me out of my age old slumber. The voice which I had learnt to ignore; spoke with a resounding boom. I bowed to its pervading presence. I realised what I had been ignoring for so long had somehow degraded me as a human being.

Humans are weak. But I had proved myself to be weaker. Lost in my cocoon, I had forgotten that it was the very same whisper which had made me. I was whatever I was because I had been modest enough to pay ttention to whatever it said. Neglecting that friend had only quickened my steps down the staircase of failure. My only hope is that it is not too late already. I am prepared to wait. We'll just have to wait and watch. Wait and watch!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

And the G33K shall inherit the Earth