Saturday, October 06, 2007

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I have now realized how grossly mistaken I was when I thought that my esteemed readers would redress some of my grievances by answering a question that had been put up. I can now say for sure that the decision wasn't what most of the junta would consider intelligent. Maybe therein lies the eluding definition. Thank you all. What would I do without your benevolence? Even your silence is profound.

Coming to think of it, this silence was commented upon not once or twice but several times during the course of the past few days. “Sid Lal, tumhaare blog ko saanp soongh gaya hai!!” said a concerned reader. I was almost mortified. Some reparation was due. My trash-conjuring skills were not meant to die an untimely death. They were, in the least, meant to drive some naïve souls to insanity. A disaster management scheme was put into motion. The results are eagerly awaited.

The opportune experience has, of course, left me wiser. Never bore people with questions that do not concern them. They are liable to consider you a philosopher, an assumption which is sure to deter any future visits to your online haven. The Golden Mantra for getting the maximum number of responses: Find your funny bone. If the former is too hard to unearth, be neutral. Don't be all genius-y if you can help it.

Believe me, being genuinely funny is probably as monumental a feat as attending all (and I mean ALL) classes in a semester. You can put up a decent show. You can even tickle a few souls who have been gifted with a malfunctioning sense of humor. But to be able to achieve the feat, time and again, is a commendable achievement. It's the forte of those who have been born with special powers. Lesser mortal can only hope to effect a reprise, often ending in disastrous consequences.

So this lesser mortal will put an end to this monologue of his, expecting he has not been too exacting. He also hopes he hasn't been too churlish by trying to emulate the smile gurus. Forgive him if he has erred. For as Shakespeare might have put it, "Justice is almost divine when seasoned with mercy." Oh damn! There I go again. Pardon me folks. It's time to catch a few ZzZzZzZ. So long.


  1. Stop talking about The Ego and The Self and start talking about The Other...thats my advice

  2. well, there are even lesser mortals on earth...who actually admire the stuff you write and look forward to more frequent posts...even though the stuff you write is intended for higher beings...
    And "philosophical" ? well, after all, Blogging is just random musings isn't it...

  3. aha i smell an admirer. :D
    but being the blunt blah that I am, I'll say that this post didnt work for me.

  4. @piper
    leave the thinking part to me.
    when my self clashed with the other, a post relevant to your interests will come

    you make me blush
    quite lietrally

    @rest of you
    take this :|