Friday, October 26, 2007

The Vendor of Dreams

I am The Vendor of Dreams;
I come from a galaxy far far away.
I am here to sell you your darkest desires,
I am here to sell you your most potent dreams.
I am here to barter your wildest fantasies;
In lieu of the very reality you so decry.

Farther than what sees the biggest metallic eye.
From the land of dragons and eternal sunshine.
I come with a promise to give what’s denied,
I make dreams that, when shattered, will make you cry.
My lullaby is bliss unknown to you.
And my concoction, a potent solution of forty winks.
I brew my potions with dexterity of an alchemist;
I promise the philosopher’s stone and I grant it.

I do you favors and it’s not that I ask for none.
This vendor craves the very reality that you shun.
So break away these cold chains of reason,
And soar away from the shackles of your rationale.
My paradise of dreams awaits your slumber,
Dream on, and realize your fancy forever and ever.


He was The Vendor of Dreams;
He came from a galaxy far far away.
He sold them their darkest desires;
He sold them their most potent dreams.

It’s said he was a cursed wizard, with powers unknown.
No vendor fools; he was one of Devil’s own.
They fell under his curse and succumbed to his charm,
Gave him their lives; thought it was no harm.
A plague upon their souls, like zombies they walked.
Twas dreams they desired, twas just dreams they got.


  1. Hi Sid...
    Thats brilliant...i mean, thats all i can say...
    I read it long back on your other blog...and i love it...
    "...twas just dreams they got"

  2. Hi Sid
    Its po**y...i mean,thats all I can say...

    On a serious note:

    "I am here to barter your wildest fantasies;
    In lieu of the very reality you so decry"


  3. post something new man.. gettin bored... :S

  4. this is good..but in my opinion, Silent Conversations is the best you've ever come up with