Sunday, April 01, 2007


Memories are a beautiful thing if you don't have to deal with the past.

As dumb as a one liner can probably be. Got this from a Richard Linklater movie. But if one ponders a little, then you realize the line's got a certain whackiness to it. As well as a bit of substance. Go on. It doesn't hurt if you think. Whatsay huh?

Hey...I realized after I posted this junk that today's April 1. My Day! So I came back to write some more. Isn't this supposed to be funny and all? But believe me, I haven't got a funny bone in my entire body. I can try to be sarcastic if you want me to. But serious laughs, well....... I can do the laughing part, you know. When I sit down to write something, pen and paper et al, all I can remember is when I peed the last time. Big Problem with thinking. So leave alone the funny part, I have serious-unknown-syndrome in just converting thoughts into ink (or binary in this case). But I never cease trying, much to the dismay of people who are forced to read my 'work'.

Only yesterday, I remember using copious amounts of mental and physical coercion to get Chingari Baadshah to read (and comment) on my blog. But Baadshah is an expert in wriggling out of tight situations. With a swish of his water jug and a shrill "abbeeeeyyyy kya kar rahe hoo??", he managed to wiggle out of my persuasive hold. 'Damn', I muttered under my breath and set out in search of some other unsuspecting bakra. But fortune has been known to side with the jerks. So I thought better and decided to feed some movie to my starved senses (courtesy 3 days of prolonged labor pains aka exams). I went for a Woody Allen flick - Annie Hall. I expected the movie to be some another melodramatic flick that I usually end up liking. But surprisingly, the romance was fresh and the humour subtle. But even then it managed to evoke loud giggles (and certain glares from my roomie). Go for it if you are looking for something new and closer to life. You might surprise yourself.

Okay. So the post started off with some sappy one-liner, moved onto some humorous (or not so humorous domains), and finally ended up discussing cinema. That is sign enough that I should get my daily dose of meditation. And no, that is not the reason why I am so smart, intelligent, creative etc etc. Till Next Time!

PS - Try making a bakra out of someone today. If you want to be original, make him read my post and tell him it's supposed to be funny.


  1. Congrats !! Atlast u made a bakra out out of me :(...

  2. How does this label as chori ka maal???

  3. chingari:thou shalt be the bakra for umpteen more times to come

    pinks:see the first line of the write up....its not mine...and i had thought of posting just the first para initially...then i came back and wrote the rest

  4. oye budhau...saale chor... meri photo laga ke bholi bhali ladkiyon ko fasana chathta hai...:P

  5. Kaka, sahi mein you have no right to steal gullu's alien wala identity.... Itni plagiarism nahi chalegi!!!!

  6. abe kutto(bad doggies)!!!
    tumhara khoon pee(drink) jaunga...samjhe?

    saala meri photo aur mujhi ko meow?

    i have got copyright ownership of the pic...
    who the heck took it huh?

    saala model...keep ur mum shut warna job nahin doonga next assignment mein