Friday, April 13, 2007

On Terrestrial Black Holes

I am feeling remarkably sappy this afternoon. It's been a long time since I felt the same way. So instead of trying to find a reason to this "Strange Condition", I do what I have done umpteen number of times - capture those fleeting moments.

I was just fine this morning and even managed to give the final finishing touches to a project that I (and some other guys) had been working on. In short, it was not the kind of prologue I expected to an afternoon of day-dreaming. But Life often has a very weird way of getting to you.

Now before you start thinking on those lines, let me tell you this. I am not even remotely 'sad', 'morose', somber' or any other synonym that you can think of. Contrary to expectations, things haven't been better for me in several years. A lot of factors have gone into making them so.

I feel more confident of myself on the academic front. The feeling of invincibility (that had begun to slowly ebb away) has found its voice once again. I have been reading voraciously and writing copious amounts of crap (much to the dismay of some unsuspecting visitors) over the past one month. But very importantly, I have been able to make my family happy.

That lone factor might very well account for my present state of being. But there is something else. Just like a black hole, I can feel its presence; but I can not put a finger to it. But our friendly-neighbourhood-black-hole is all goody goody in the sense that it exudes brightness instead of sucking it. It's affecting me as well as the people I interact with. Whether they can sense the difference is an entirely different matter.

I do hope that in the coming days, I'll be able to zero in on the phantom saviour and when I do so, I'll make sure to let you know.


  1. ""synonym that you 'an' think of""

    theek se likhna bhi nahi aata budhau
    ..dikhna wikhna sab band hui gawa hai laagat

  2. sorry shaktimaan!!!

  3. lanky==scare crow

  4. Beware!!! buk worms sid lal is 'feeling confident' on academic.Don't
    forget the relative grading criteria .Sabke pointer ki waatt lagne wali hai
    ahhh... y m i writing dis crap need to study..:s

  5. dont worry folks...the phase will pass
    we all know the only constant thing in this world is change!!!

  6. Hope the positive energy exuding black hole may affect your goodly surroundings!!