Sunday, April 08, 2007

Navy Cut

Somebody said today:
People always talk good things about you Sid.
I am positively amused and very surprised. I didn't have that opinion about myself. The bliss of ignorance! I am reminded of some lines:

Don't get mad if I'm laughing
Blame the caffeine for all the 5 am phone calls
I haven't slept a single night in over a month
And not even once did you start to make sense to me
Well maybe I'm a little bit slow, or just consistently inconsistent

- Middle of Nowhere, Hot Hot Heat


  1. wow.........
    and in your words..........

  2. """ I haven't slept a single night in over a month"""

    jhoot bole kaala chintu kaate

  3. @akash
    sudhar jao!!

    sleep here has different connotations

  4. @ budhau
    waaaaooooooooooo sleep is not diff here samjheaaaoooooooooo
    @ akash
    sudharne ki jaroorat nahi ..budhau ki dhamkiyon se darna nahi

  5. "People always talk good things about you Sid."

    "abe ye kisne keh diya" -(read in chingari badshah style..).

    wht ever be the gist of the word 'sleep' here sid neways cannot sleep due mosquito hovering in his den.

  6. abeeyyyy...tum log kitne kathor ho..
    jisne kaha hai woh banda ye comments padhega to he'll begin to have second thoughts abt what he said

    kabhi achcha bola karo kisi ke baare mein!!!

  7. good playof words and nice judgement abt urself u have nice blog

  8. "People ALWAYS talk good things about you Sid."

    exaggeration of the millenium to say the least