Friday, April 20, 2007

Cheers Darlin'

It is 5 A.M. in the morning. I have just woken up from an uneasy slumber. "So very unlikely of me", I wonder.

I get up to drink some water. A lovely breeze is blowing outside. I think it rained last night. Hmm. I smell the sodden earth. So very refreshing. But this is no time for enjoyment and I shuffle back into the confined spaces. Yellow light flickers into place. I am in familiar surroundings.

I must study now. Numbers and electrons. Statistics and Holes. Modulation and Society.

A book is already open. The one I was reading before I went to sleep. I had found it boring I remember. But my choice in these matters is limited and I must trudge along.

"What's the problem then?"
, Mind retorts back. "Nothing", say I and shyly start flipping through the pages. But soon the interest is lost.

Mind wanders in unfamiliar lanes. They are not that pleasant. But it sticks around. Gaping at the horrors perpetrated. It's disgusting. The very thought of it all. Mind is overwhelmed and staggers back into the present.

"The future looks bleak", it tells me. "I know", I confess. "But I had thought it better not to tell you. You'd be troubled."

Mind doesn't speak to me. It's frustrated at my helplessness and and I at mine. We both amble along. Each finding solace in the other's company.


  1. don't loose hope ,dis still r early times.Future might appear to b uncertain but it's definitely not over before u get the final verdict .
    so cheers!!!

  2. this post was refreshing...loved the heading :P

  3. accha kaka vo sab to theek hai....bakarbaazi == blogbaazi to apni jagah hai par

    tumne gullu ki pic kaahe lagai apni profile pic mein :x

    is there something between you 2 ;)

  4. but yaar the article is good.......

  5. sid mere budhe dost niraash mat ho tumhaari zindagi ke to kuchh din hi bache hain ..hamara socho

    aur suar you love to rasht(rest) in peace koi bahaana mat maro ki niraash ho ke so gaya tha

  6. Saransh I think some situations dont call for jokes. You should realize that. Don't go about making fun of anything and everything

    Chandni I dont think I would call it refreshing. Its more on the lines of depressing.

    Harshal Look beyond the blue glass. Things are as bleak as they seem. Nothing doing.

    Anon Stop bugging me or else I would have to resort to desperate measures. Some posts are not meant to be profaned.

  7. Dear KaKa
    this is the first time i visit your blog or for that matter anyone's...
    i just read about eight or nine of your posts. i don't generally like to comment on posts(because i don't read them) but i must say this...
    you are hell of a writer... keep going man...
    Sadar Pranam

  8. Wat the future has in store for us we do not know. What is in our hands is our present. I know its easier said than done, but dude live in the present. Make efforts to improve your future but at no point let the future worry you. I quote the sacred Gita over here "Karam kiye jaa, Fal ki chinta mat kar"

  9. kakaji, jo jeeta wahi sikandar, so just fight back, u hav loads of ability n i think u evn know that, so utilize it at its maxxx!!!