Monday, March 26, 2007

She's On Fire

Another day in the calendar.

0915 The bugging alarm in my cell begins emitting ominous tones. I know it is time to get up. Usually I would have just pressed the "end" button. But today's different. I have got an attendance class and probabilistic determinations point towards the 'undesired' category.

0925 Brushed my teeth. Tried straightening the mop of hair I have been gifted with. But then realized no one cared anyway. So I let it be. Usually time constraints in such tight situations do not permit me to put on my shoes. So I got hold of my slippers (no not 'sandals', the bathroom slippers) and make the dash towards the Lecture Theater.

0930 - 1030 The hour passes by in a blur with me trying in the initial phases to catch a word every now and then, but finally giving up after just 15 minutes. Rest of the time passes in napping blissfully or smiling smugly. Somewhere in between a song finds its way into my head. Now, this is bad. Really BAD. I have got to listen to it but the Prof won't stop. This is not good. OK. I manage to keep irritation at bay by humming the tunes but I need to listen to it. Desperately.

1030 - 1100 Breakfast Time. No matter how desperately I want to hear that song, I need to fill myself. So I reach the cafe and place the order.

One Orange Juice + One Top Ramen Curry + Two Boiled Eggs

I try to put in an extra rupee to bribe the cafe-guy and get him to do my thingy first. But he's not budging. Silly Guy.

As soon as the order is ready, I wolf it down.

1100 - 1105 These five minutes are crucial. For I find myself in the quintessential predicament. There's a class after the break. What should I do? A weak voice asks me to attend the class. "You should try to be a good student", it says. But then the devil rules and I find myself tracing back the steps to my haven.

1110 - 1115 Ahh! Finally. Earphones are unearthed and clamped as far into the ears as they would go. Then. She's On Fire. Pure Bliss.

Life doesn't suck. No it doesn't people. Enjoy the moments. Science, Technology, and Society will come again. If not this week then the next. Probability says so. Trust Me


  1. whoopsie long time mein someone wrote something remotely readable :P
    med likes dincharya post

  2. abey....i can write!!!

  3. Life doesn't suck. No it doesn't people. Enjoy the moments. Science Technology and Society will come again. If not this week then the next. Probability says so. Trust Me. ;-)
    Comes from a sleepyhead

  4. i wonder who anon might be...but yes of course it does come from a sleepyhead...

    After all even Dalai Lama said,"Sleep is the best form of meditation."

    so i meditate,sweat it out and offer these words of wisdom to all those who cant put in tht much effort into doing nothing

  5. hmmmm.. guess its da same story wid me... but fcourse sans the music... and yeah STS will definitely come again, if not next week, then the week after :P

  6. Lol.... Was here to say the least....

  7. ha ha...pinky...badhiya kaam kiya tumne!

  8. remotely readable!!! tabhi to padha!!!