Thursday, April 05, 2007

Strange Condition

Hmm. Let's see. What to write about? Actually this post is due to the persistent nagging of my very irritating roomie (who's probably the human equivalent of an anopheles mosquito) who wanted me to write about something. What got him going was a remarkable feat that I achieved yesterday. I successfully (without in any way harming my mental or physical faculties) managed to attend all three lectures that were scheduled the day before.

*clap clap clap*

Oh Please! Thank You for the big round of applause. I am honored. Ok, so on we go. Well the truly spectacular achievement did not unnoticed. I was approached by a lot of people who were making sure the guy they knew had indeed honored them with his presence in the hallowed grounds. I, being the good Samaritan that I am, honored all the starry eyed fans with autographs (heh heh) and handshakes. But there is more. Having already conquered one Everest, I went on to attend the tutorial and the lab scheduled for the day. Now that is something, I tell you. Especially when it comes from someone who is probably the most kaamchor creature under the sun. My mom keeps trying to change me for the better, readily employing even abuses and curses. But even she has been unsuccessful (so far) in her noble endeavors. And I have a hunch the scenario is not going to change much (unless and until The Terminator himself intervenes to save the day).

Now that was about yesterday. If that was funny then please tell me so (because I tried to be). If not, then forget all about it and make sure you read it again, you moron!

Now I seek to use this stage to answer certain allegations leveled against me by a certain Gullu Ghalib. I have the right to use the picture (that you see here) as my profile pic for three solid reasons. Firstly, it is mine - copyright et al. Secondly, Ghalib is not even properly visible in it. Thirdly, I don't have a better (and pseudo-artistic) pic to put up. So the matter thus stands there. And I, being the sole authority on the matter, decide to rule against moralities - in favour of Lanky. The pic stays; at least until you find me another chicks-ko-pasand-aane-waali pic.


  1. hahahhah...bloody bugger...
    am not peroperly visible...hell man.. didnt u have ur galsses on wen u wer lukin at da pic...:P
    and well abt chingari... i can vry well imagine of wht u 2 r capable of doin to each other went left together...sans any interupptions...:D

  2. Sid called me "anopheles mosquito" are gonna pay for this.Secondly, there were no labs and tutorials on that day.I think you were attending them in your dreams.
    So when are you planning to repeat this herculian task once again.

    Aur doosri baat suar tumne gullu ki photo churai hai ...tum itne bade waale ki photo kaise daal sakte ho apne blog pe, woh bhi chura ke

  3. @ghalib
    bakwaas mat kiya karo
    keep ur dirty thoughts to it
    and only the back of ur big khopdi is visible..
    so officially u r not in the pic..thats more arguments

    u r one big mosquito...thats a fact
    and ghalib ki fotu lagai kyunki i did not have any othr pic

    i din know u dumbos will create hoo-hulla over it

    now its all the more reason ill keep it

    lastly...itni jaldi comment aaye
    i am surprised and amused!!!!

  4. @ buddhe suar chori ek to chori upar se seena jori
    ab aakhri baar 'amused' ho lo kyonki jyaada din nahi bache tumhaari zindagi ke...
    waise gadhau-das yeh article tumne apni lecturs jaane ki bahaduri dikhaane ke liye likha tha ...
    par aakhri mein tumne apni chori ki yaad dila ke tumne sabke ghaao(wounds) taaza kar diye...sab itna maante the apne budhau kaaka ko...Alas! kaka turned out to be a thief.
    ek photo ke liye tumne apna zameer bech diya...ab kitne bhi lectures kar lo yeh paap nahi dhulenge

  5. @anopheles

    abe sabse pehle baat...suar to tumhara copyright naam hai
    it fits u so well...if u rearrange SARU one gets u see it is very kind of u but dont give ur names to others

    then apni cheez koi kaise chura sakta hai...saala u all siding with ghalib when u shud be doing the opposite....fotu kheenchne waala person is the owner and can use it in any way he feels like

    rahi baat paap dhone ki....i have got so many of them ki ganga mein hi baitha rahu to bhi it wont help

    so i dont care....and abt classes...agli baar ke liye wait karo.....autograph bhi nahin dunga tumhe suar saru

  6. aise to sid - id + uar == suar bhi banta hai ...waise suar aur gadhau dono ho ..bura mat manna par sachchai to sachchai hai
    aur saath mein tum chor bhi ho.
    ""Photo maine kheenchi maine kheenchi ""ro rahe ho ...are suar aise kisi ladki ki photo kheench ke laga do ...baad mein kaho maine kheenchi mera copyright hai ..
    bakwas karne ko de do aur bas budhau shuru ho jaayenge..
    tumhaare jawaani ke dino mein aisa hota hoga ki jisne photo kheenchi uska copyright ..present mein jiyo buddhe.turant photo hatao nahi to gullu indian law ke article 302 ke tahat tumhe mental harassment ke chalte tumhe phaansi dilaa dega..
    chaar din zindagi ke bache hain waise bhi ...chain se khatiya pe so ke gujaar lo...kahe sabse panga lewat phirat ho hainnn!

  7. I guess the question is how are you proclaiming the copyright rights?? and sole ownership of the pic?? Clarify in a separate post...Already you playing off with the innocent image of ghalib....

    P.S. Bunked whole of labs and classes to maintain the equilibrium!!!!

  8. @anopheles
    u prove once again no creature alive can be more irritating than you
    nahin change karta pic
    kar lo jo kar sakte ho
    gullu ko bhi mila lo apni side

    u diverted the attention from the primary subject of the remarkable fear...neway

    tumhara comment samajh mein nahin aaya...equilibrium of what?

  9. Dumbass.. Equilibrium of attendance in classes+labs+tuts ....

  10. Do you know how old are you??

  11. Ans: Very Old.........

  12. ok folks, some kind of serious combat going on here .Well I am not here for wooing any of these warriors but just
    wanted to congratulate sid lal for the great BEN that is he has conquered .Times when even great Ching Badshah is avoiding attending
    the lecture commitment shown by you is certainly admirable.

    "Mosquitofying" biggest bugger to have stepped on this planet is perfectly justified,don't let him pervert the environment anymore...

  13. thanks gravity...

    see here's a noble gentleman who knows not to abuse a person who recently attended all the 3 lectures on the same day

  14. virtue doesn't become you sid.
    but keeping up with the mood of the comments:
    sid the suar,itna mat bunk karo, the teachers deserve a jheloo, bakwaas piece of gadhapan like you in the class to keep them at optimum levels of insanity. ja unhe tang kar, yahaan likhke humara dimaag mat kharaab karo