Thursday, August 30, 2007

On Numb3rs

I am dumb because I don't have the numbers to support a contradicting claim. I don't have any brains because of the very same reason. I have come to believe this fact as a part of my life. There's no escaping it. The past was an illusion, meant to heighten the effect of this expose. It was The Prestige, the final and hardest act in any magical show. The only difference being that over here, the show was staged backwards in time, with the prestige preceding the The Turn and The Pledge.

I continue to live and stumble on. It's not the end of the world. It's the end of just some part of me which believed otherwise.

P.S.: Just before writing this, I saw the lamp on my table going phut. Now there will be no yellow cadence tonight. Perhaps, a sign of things that I was going to write about. HE seems to know it all.


  1. Don't worry budhau..the electrician will be coming soon..the yellow cadence will be back, and so will be The Prestige..

    The Turn and The Pledge will never actually arrive...believe me !

  2. whatever, yo! you don't really believe this!

  3. hmmm... we all suffer from this at one point or the other... and its so frustrating when you really want to change, you have an opportunity in sight, but someone or the other would bring up the damn numbers!

  4. hey ! I hv a number for u sid
    and the no. is 5