Monday, August 27, 2007

On Lethargy

Some-friggin-body said today I am too lazy to even talk. Another enlightened soul tried to warn me about the repercussions of not seeing too much of the world too often. "Bahar ki duniya bhi dekho kaka. Kamre mein hi rehte ho," the wise Oracle spoke. I find it highly disconcerting. I mean I can't go on blabbing like some people (do you get the hint?). Neither do I find bliss in scoring goals. I find pleasure in doing other things. Be it reading, writing, collecting trivia, or just enjoying some good 'ol music. Is it my problem they don't require neither company nor exertion? That being said, I do indulge in the ancient art of bakar, often with remarkable finesse. I do flay my hands around while supposedly playing badminton. And I do enjoy traveling as much as any other person. It all depends on what catches my fancy. Probabilistic predictions seem to hinge on the former options. I have absolutely no say in those matters.

I need my privacy and I am jealous enough to protect it with nasty glares and even nastier retorts. That somehow gives people the wrong ideas. But I seriously don't care. I have been following a dictum for quite some time now. It goes something like this:"You're with yourself all the time; better enjoy the company Fortunately, it has been serving me well.

Some remarkably gol body said about me, "He's is unsocial, shy and quiet... prefers solitude or at most the company of one person to a crowd. He has aptitude for creative work..." I have come to find a lot of truth in that statement. Maybe I am meant to be that way. *sigh*

So people, please be considerate while reaching conclusions the next time. It's not all about saving energy. It's often about preferences. Let's be a little more - uhmm - lethargic. What say, eh?


  1. thanks for letting us know, suar !

  2. as long as it doesn't catch on to the mind!

  3. Lol... I meant smthng else.. You took it differently... Keeping abreast of the activities of wingmates dont need exertion... Do they? And You like traveling as any other person...I am surprised!!!!!!

  4. Continue to share your lethargic bliss in written(blog)...

  5. hmmmm.... kaka retorts with a senti sort post :)...
    agreed u need to enjoy one's own company... but sometimes its not to bad to be in company of others, is it :)
    nd abt gol body... da bugger copied dat line from norman lewis... now i relaize why it was sounding so familiar when i was readin it... happens to be the definition of an introvert....

  6. @piper
    anytime pandu!

    You can be a better judge I presume. Has it caught on yet?

    I have indeed traveled more than you and have loved every moment of it.

    Regarding the activities, I know about everyone's, except yours. But yours is a different case. I don't know what to believe and what not to :P

    Kaka doesn't retort. He passes it of as an argument.

    How come you say I am not in the company of others...ever? Don't you see the blatant fallacy that is?

    Am I best described as an introvert? I believed introvert was supposed to be this shy and stammering guy. I don't think I am anything even close to an introvert as far as my friends or circle of acquaintances are concerned? You, of all people, should judge better.

  7. Twain is a genius. I had to present his view on lethargy:

    "I am no lazier now than I was forty years ago, but that is because I reached the limit forty years ago. You can't go beyond possibility."

    - Mark Twain in Eruption

    "I don't think there ever was a lazy man in this world. Every man has some sort of gift, and he prizes that gift beyond all others. He may be a professional billiard-player, or a Paderewski, or a poet--I don't care what it is. But whatever it is, he takes a native delight in exploiting that gift, and you will find it is difficult to beguile him away from it. Well, there are thousands of other interests occupying other men, but those interests don't appeal to the special tastes of the billiard champion or Paderewski. They are set down, therefore, as too lazy to do that or do this--to do, in short what they have no taste or inclination to do. In that sense, then I am phenomenally lazy. But when it comes to writing a book--I am not lazy. My family find it difficult to dig me out of my chair."

    - quoted in Sydney Morning Herald, 9/17/1895

  8. @ lanky...

    i wasnt implying u are an introvert... i was stating dat gol had copied the definition of it for ur testi... now if gol thinks so... wat can i do :P