Monday, August 20, 2007

iPod Nano

Here's the story about how my iPod came to be mine:

Circa July 07, I asked SB to get an iPod for me. Mr. SB "BusyBee" promised to get me an iPod at a discounted rate of 10k. I was positively bubbly. I was getting a flat rebate of 3k on the market price. Nothing could be better. SB assured me I would be grooving to a Nano by the time I left Lucknow. The day came and went. Instead of the grooving bit, I was literally fuming.

SB again became the knight in shining armour. He made me believe I would get it in a week's time through Tewari Bhai. A week of anticipation passed as well. I was as near to getting the Nano as Chiku was to proposing to The *beep-beep* Team. Hmpf. Some cells were fished out and some calls were made. However, after a lot of phone calls and frustration, I finally realized that nothing was going to happen. At least not until I banked on SB to make things happen. So I decided to get one myself (courtesy a venture capitalist who goes by the "nick"name of John G. Buss). I hitch-hiked to Ahmedabad today and got me one for 11k (not a bad bargain eh?)

I had promised Shaktimaan I would update my blog tonight. But I was too wrapped up in my latest muse. In fact, I was too engrossed to do anything but upload as much music onto it as possible (I am enjoying the fruits of my labor right now).

So, my apologies Shaktimaan. Next time, I will try to do a better job out of posting trash here. My sincerest apologies to SB as well (for casting him as a villain in this teeny anecdote). He is not that bad either. Or is he?

I will let the matter rest for the time being. A lovely number from Sadma is playing. Shantaram is waiting too. It's time to say good night.


  1. John G. Buss...hmmm...the name sounds familiar....

  2. waaaaaaoooooooooooowwwww :D

  3. wait... what color is it?

    is it a pink? is it?

    incidentally, someone was generous enough to gift me a nano when it was first out - in white. i have not used it once, but it is nice to own nevertheless :D