Saturday, March 17, 2007

That Thing You Do

Idiosyncrasies which make me myself.
  • I hate it when the small rectangular orange light begins to glow as soon as I switch on my computer. So I make it a point to turn it off asap.
  • I like to be meticulous while spreading the table cover over my desk. The border needs to be the same all the way round the desk. It's a different matter altogether if there's no cover to start with (as has become the habit now).
  • I hate it when I wake up (already too late), only to find my favorite shower occupied by some other bugger.
  • I absolutely love studying (syllabus related crap) or reading (books, wikipedia, yada yada) in the mellow (yellow?) light of my table lamp.
  • I don't like messy desks and thus have made it a habit to organize mine every few days or so.
  • I adore waking up soooo late into the night and finding absolutely no one to talk to or bore or bug.
  • I always end up feeling a bit uneasy when someone criticizes my favourite song or book.
  • I try to be as humble as possible but always experience that strange rush that accompanies genuine praise.
  • I tend to distance myself from controversies but secretly hope to someday take over the world.
  • I have this strange urge to continuously assess myself and analyze my shortcomings (only to fall short of my own expectations yet again).
  • I never had a good sense of humour and maybe that is why I always feel a tad uncomfortable when some poor guy is made the butt of all our jokes.
  • Have kind of begin to like the adage - "You are with yourself all the time. Better enjoy the company."
  • I love the phrase "What If?". It is so potent and the starting point of so many journal entries.
  • I try being a realist and romantic at the same time. It's fun to watch the two aspects of me struggle for supremacy.
  • And yes, I love eating ice cubes.


  1. brutally honest soul searching trivia on sid eh?
    nice write.nice read. :)

  2. The soul was conspicuous by its absence.

    The rest........definitely holds true!

  3. hmmm... interestin...
    may follow suit sometime...