Monday, August 14, 2006


Well Well Well. It seems that this semester I managed to add another feather to my already adorned cap. After laboriously managing to earn the dubious record of bunking the maximum number of classes last semester, I had begun to think that ‘that’ would be the end of my glorious exploits. But as it turned out, Lady Fortune had other plans for me. Hardly a week into the new semester, I have been handed a Letter of Probation by the DOSA (Dean of Student Affairs) along with 16 other of my batchmates for ragging 5 hapless juniors.

Ragging my foot! If I had been ragging those minions then I would have happily added this letter to my glorious annals. But the crux of the matter is that we wasn’t even ragging those ‘poor souls’. They were just being asked why Zidane head-butted Materazzi. Imagine that! Now do you call that ragging? But the warden and DOSA would not even hear a word from us. They just kept on harping on one damned point. Why had we latched the door from inside! Just a lame excuse, if you ask me. They were already 22 homo sapiens in that cramped room and other seniors passing by might have been tempted to join in the melee. We were actually protecting those bastards. Whatever, man! So much for acting the protector! My name’s there on the notice board now. Will remain there for a week. At least it got there somehow. Even if it is for all the wrong reasons.


  1. he he, same here ... though u took the initiative to write it down ... neways .. i was just checkin my scraps...when the warden barged in took us lik figitives on a run ... nevermind ...thats yet another feather on my cap .. " i don't really have many of that sort ..hehe " .. this is to be cherished for long ... look out for my pic on the orkut ... we may also have a grp pic as well :D :D

  2. yeah.....a group pic wud be super cooool.....!!

  3. You have said it to the point... good one...

  4. hum bhi shamil the unh 17 mein....
    well sid lets hav a grp photo...

  5. why not???
    sth to remember