Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Memories Etched In Sepia Frames

I have stolen the title of this post from a poem that a friend of mine posted on her blog not a long while ago. What I have put up here are some recent pics which are special in their own way. I am sure that they will remain so and remind me of some very memorable moments in the times to come. They do not have any captions as any such picture doesn't need to be described. It has to be, ahem, felt.


  1. actually gt inspird by ur blog..;D its kinda neater this way...
    tk cr

  2. well ya!! cool pics tho..skul or coll? these crazy pics r always SO much 2 luk bk at na?
    ps: wats this crazy word verification thingy thats startd wen u write a comment?

  3. ya i kno..mine is checkchandni at yahoo msgnr
    add me