Saturday, August 19, 2006

Of Music And The Like

This post of mine is utterly unplanned and is likely to be highly erratic and disjoint - two words which can somewhat sum up the state of my affairs these days. I am not even sure whether the title is justified. The idea was ephemeral. It flashed past my mind like a shooting star and was gone in a nano-second. What was left behind was a will to somehow express the fleeting experience in a language understood by mere mortals.

It was music again. The melodious notes of Coldplay creating harmonious disturbances in my mind. It must have been these subtle variations that triggered the chain reaction which finally culminated in me writing this post. Music is always so subtle in its effects. Sometimes quietly making us embark on that kaleidoscopic journey called Nostalgia. At other times sowing the seed of some eccentric thought which triggers a process in itself. It might not lead to anything substantial, but it always urges us to think in directions we never thought about and explore paths we never imagined we could travel. So subtle and yet so momentous. Shakespeare was spot on when he said that a person who does not love music is a devil - fit for treachery and deceit. Music makes you love and hate, all at the same time. It makes you think and and fantasize. It makes you humane and satanist.

Music is life. It is the life-blood flowing in your veins. It is the heart beating in your chest. It is the brain giving you ideas. It triggers thoughts which can change the world. Music seems white. Music seems black. Music is every shade of grey in between.

After all, these are the musings of a dreamer who lives in some parallel universe most of the time. But it is music which makes me dream. And I am ready to do anything for that. It is nothing less that an adrenaline rush. When encompassed by harmony, I am on a high. When lost in its tresses, I am a different man. I am what I want to be. I am Me.


  1. u know....non writers like me fail to understand what triggers such a beautiful flow of thought ! thank god for atleast havin given me the senses to admire.
    do give me the privelege of reading more of ur stuff.

  2. and amateurs like me keep going just to hear those kinds of words from a complete stranger....!!
    thanks a lot

  3. dude.. another piece of art about my passion.. music... ya.. shakespere did say "If music be food for soul then go on... "


  4. cooollllll....but hey aint music also abt d hues btwn d extremes?......i sure think its abt d vibrant hues 2....evey shade of color...jz lk stages in lyf myt b compared 2 this giant..ever-rotating colourwheel....movin 4m d dull 2 d bryt....n evrythin in btwn....i gs music 2 reflects dat!!!!!
    jz d way i c it...alvaz gr8 2 read ur stuff!!!!