Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Love in The Time of Palmistry

Word of Caution – Excerpts of a conversation between the very dangerous Kekda Man (from the Boomerang Galaxy) and the very irritating Chirkut Lady (from the Bugster Cluster). The highly explosive couple was traveling in an aquamarine state of the art Clux-5 Star Ship. The uber subtle sound vibrations somehow got to the ever-ready-to-eavesdrop ears of the untrustworthy driver. It would be best if these snippets are not leaked beyond this close knit virtual clique. Confidentiality will be appreciated, if not rewarded.

Family Crest of The Kekda Dynasty
Kekda Man: Let me see your hand.
Chirkut Lady: And why is that?

Kekda Man: For one, my father has an interest in palmistry and I have learnt a few things from him. For other, it’s a very good excuse to grab a lady’s hand.

Pleased more by the honesty than anything else, Chirkut Lady obliges Kekda Man.

Chirkut Lady: You’re such a darling. Here. Tell me what you see.

KM: Hmm…it seems you don’t think at all. There are hardly any lines criss-crossing your palm. How do you manage to do that?
CL: Well…you know…you have got to have a mind in order to think too much. I think I have not been blessed with copious quantities.

KM: Ah…that explains a lot. Uh oh! It seems you won’t live too long either. But that’s a far fetched possibility since irritating people tend to live longer. I must have miscalculated some factor.
CL: Don’t worry dear. I am not going seriously consider an amateur’s opinion. Have your share of fun. You do seem cute while reading the palm though. Ever thought about opting it as a profession?

KM: Saving the world seems to take up all my time you know. It’s downright exploitation sometimes. Anyways….

Kekda Man gets a bit disturbed when his profession is discussed. He starts doling out one distorted piece of information after another, not sure whether he was talking about Chirkut Lady’s future or the Giant Gila Strut Monster he had killed only a week ago.

Seated in close proximity (too close in fact), Chirkut Lady smiles fondly. Some disaster is afoot.

CL: You know something Keeks, I think I am madly in love with you. Probably.

Kekda Man is not very eager to detach himself from the obstinate line across the palm. But such comments register fast and quick. Almost pat comes the reply.

KM: And I don’t. Does that help? Tell me if it doesn’t. I will frame it in a more subtle fashion.
CL: I don’t think I could have expected anything else from you.

Chirkut Lady did not expect such a blatant reply for sure. But she pretends otherwise. On the other hand, sappy one liners disturbed Kekda Man more than Giant Gila Strut Monsters. He reluctantly gave up the palm, not realizing a more fashionable man could have had the face instead. Anyway.

KM: See Cheeks (KM is just trying to get back at CL with a nasty nickname). If truth be told, I like you from the very first time I met you. But the fact remains that I am not sure whether I love you. I like you a lot though. I am probably quite sure of that.
CL: I presume you are never too sure about anything. So this is not an exception either.

Kekda Man seems bowled. It is indeed the truth. Fighting Gila Monsters was one thing. Deciphering emotions was another ballgame altogether.

KM: I believe I am too limited by these notions I seem to have. It doesn’t help if they are deeply rooted in my psyche.

Chirkut Lady is impressed by such heavy talk. She had not expected this either. She falls even more in love with Kekda Man.

As an aside - It seems to us she had not expected a lot of things.

CL: Try fathoming them Keeks. Maybe you will come to some conclusion. Try probing them.

Kekda Man tries fathoming his emotions (and probing them as well) and comes up with a plan.

KM: Okay. Here’s a deal. Since I am not sure, let’s presume we are in love with each other. You and I. If it all works out in the end, well and good. If it doesn’t, well then we’ll know our presumptions weren’t sound enough. This way both of us should be happy.
CL: You seem to come up with the craziest plans in the world. But I think it shouldn’t be any harm. Let’s do it. Presume we are in love, since you are not sure, and see if things sort themselves out.

KM: Excellent! So now can I go back to the palm reading again?

Chirkut Lady had expected something more romantic. But one does not have everything in the world. It’s called Balance.

And so it ended. Love in The Time of Palmistry. Don’t blame us if you don’t like the title. The stupid driver came up with it. He wouldn’t agree to anything else.

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So long, and thanks for all the palms.


  1. Mast ra...mazaa aa gaya !...the best you've come up with in the last two months, I think...

    and btw I'm really looking forward to What Happened Next !

  2. "He reluctantly gave up the palm, not realizing a more fashionable man could have had the face instead."

    He he !

  3. I'd like to subscribe. Do you guys accept traveller's cheques?? Me an Earthling...

  4. Piper mere dost. The wait shall continue forever. I don't have the Grey cells to write anything decent anymore. I have already started returning the subscription money.

    A Fan. Please ignore the statement made above. It's for stupid fools. We except nothing but clam shells of the purest variety.

  5. Does this piece of utterly impeccable mouth wateringly delicious snippet of riveting literaure (I tend to become wordy when I am sarcastic, Marvin) find its inspiration from an exceptionally well-written book you might have been shockingly/unknowingly/ignorantly/ foolishly utilizing as a lullaby?

    This story could be built upon further through a number of "what if" scenarios:

    1. Chirkut Lady has no arms because the Giant Gila Strut Monster chewed them off which is why Kekda man had to unwillingly/scaredycattily/ heartflutteringly fight it off (what one does for the fairer sex, outer space or not).

    2. Kekda Man has forgotten to carry his glasses because of which he can't really see Chirkut Lady as clearly as he might have wanted to.

    3. Due to an unforseen black hole, their state of the art Clux-5 Star Ship is sucked into an unending vortex of vacuum. Then the driver rises to proclaim himself to be a reincarnation of..yes you guessed right. The loveable hero ---> the Giant Gila Strut Monster.

    4. Keekda Man confesses to Chirkut Lady he is doing all of this to win a bet against his buddies, the winner getting the prized amount of.... well, 23 clam shells.