Thursday, December 27, 2007

Déjà vu

Déjà vu
Is it a dream? A thought?
A whisper lost in sepia hues?
An idea once known and lived?

The murmur soon replies.
A fleeting moment
Ephemeral shadows cast on you
They shall pass.
Laughter seems guilty,
While smiles perfunctory.
Snap out of it?
Help me help you;
This is not the end.
See the blinding light?

The illusion casts a veil;
Reason is clouded.
Tunnels of darkness,
But no gates of light.
Voices take over the reign.
I don't find you going anywhere.
Who says you were good?
It was always an illusion.
The game never began;
You never played.

Sweeping Victory.....
Remember the Titans
We shall overcome
The day we end, we shall


  1. The lines sound like something you're always telling me. And I am always shrugging off.

    Illusions look good
    with eyes wide shut
    shake off your arrogance
    that ridiculous strut.

    "Help me help you
    as you grope in the dark
    as cynicism and disgust
    rip us apart."

    Déjà vu is the stuff
    of what-ifs and rhymes
    let not a crippled imagination
    steal you of one more time.

    And I needn't tell your narcissistic self-absorbed pompous self that this was one of your better writes.

  2. sound like Kurt Cobain