Friday, May 11, 2007

Free Spirit

She is the free spirit
Unbridled like the gurgling waters
She is the essence of her very being
Unrelenting like the roaring breakers
She is independence personified
Unfettered by sophomore dreams

She is conspicuous by her difference
Not by the gaudy glamour of beauty
She exudes a strange ethereal persona
Gravitating towards her is so like me
She is the very epithet of femininity
Even though all claim it to be heresy

She is the reason to my confusion
Probably the sole remedy
She is the inspiration for these words
Perhaps the only ignorant being
She is the maverick cause of my problems
And plausibly the only solution I foresee

She is all that I ever wanted
I know she is all that I will never be
She is the missing piece of my jigsaw
In more ways than one she completes me
She smells like the free spirit
And I know that mine she’ll never be

1 comment:

  1. wow!!! thats what a nice poem is all about.. telling frankly i am not a good judge of these poems, but i really liked the essence of the poem, kkep goin kakaji,u have a long way to go!!!