Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Venus and Venus

The song was slow and melodious. The lyrics profound and abstruse, just the way he loved them. A melancholy singer, who had died too young to prove his mettle, was crooning in the most wistful of voices. The book lay on the bed, untouched and unopened. The bookmark still extruded from the page he had last been reading. In juxtaposition, the novel had been devoured in a fashion that could only be described as ravenous. But then wait. He had not meant to write about songs or books. So should we, if you don’t mind, digress?

Let’s jump straight to the point. The other point if you please. There’s something about girls. There has to be. The way they carry off nonchalance in the most dignified fashion. The way they make spite sound so amusing. The way they can inspire the very notion of infinity. The way they balance the crooked equation of humanity. The way they instigate malice and malevolence in their most sinister incarnations. The way in which they have turned persuasion into an art form, honed to perfection. The way their hair smells delicious after every bath. The way they can make you read the most absurd of letters until your eyes have started to smart. The way they turn dumbness into a hypothetical concept, not worthy of their attention. The way they have led themselves to believe that spotting one bird, instead of two, is just fine. The way they inspire literature and music alike. The way you can be the one to share their most intimate secrets and yet be frighteningly distant from their affection. The way they can be the only overbearing presence in your life and yet make it feel like it’s perfectly normal. The way they can make you remember each and every nuance of the colored rays of a dying sun, a picture perfect ending to the last evening you spent together. The way you go over their old photographs, just to catch a glimpse of the person you now miss. The way their humility teaches you more lessons than one. The way you feel jealous of their manifold skills and yet adore them for the very same reasons. The way their smiles usher in sunshine in the darkest corners of your lives. The way they bring completeness and void in our lives in such extremities that you begin to hate them for that. Yes, they must be having something to them. Something much beyond our limited comprehension. Something special.

Ah girls. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent. They can be the light at the end of the tunnel, the silver lining, or the curse with no cure. They can do black magic and still get away with it.

PS - Certain glaring grammatical errors in this post were pointed out by Kartoon. Have now rectified them (Y).


  1. "Ah girls. They make the highs higher and the lows lower."

    It's women, not girls. Copy karna hi hai to theek se karo...

    And black magic?...ahem ahem

  2. uff yaar...don't fret over the minutiae man!

  3. "The way their hair smells delicious after every bath."
    Why are you such a funny fool?

    Btw well written...thankfully not too cloying. I liked the way you said girls and not women.

  4. I wonder what inspired this post....

  5. You left the obvious girly things...The will and patience for the make ups... Shopping sprees!!

    P.s. Its idiosyn.....

  6. Woman. The question answers itself. Doesn't it?

    A-Fan. Oh yes. I can tell you. But then I might have to kill you.

    Pinky. That's something everybody talks about I guess. Thanks for righting the wrong. Idiosyncrasy.

  7. O man, can't believe I haven't read this till now, it's so evocative, it's matter of fact almost in its ode-esque manner, and the best part is that you don't come off as a mooner/roadride romeo(excuse the phrase) or someone who's just reiterating cliches...It's something that both girls AND boys will nod their head and smile about, you know?