Thursday, June 12, 2008

Clichés of Conceit

One can not get any more conceited if every line of a post starts with “I”. I would have loved to deprecate my worth one more time and then feel all smug about it. But I guess we need to be selfish some most of the times. Or else we won’t be ourselves. So let us celebrate vanity for once and be content with it. Everything else should take the proverbial back seat.

Oh by the way, this tag came from El. I wonder who that might be.

I am a conceited pompous ass. I am always thinking about myself.
I think continuously. It’s almost on the lines of an ailment. I am thinking of seeing a shrink about this.
I know this post is already getting tedious. But don’t blame me. Needed to do it.
I want nothing more than a bed and looooong dream sequence. Did I tell you I never dream? Well now you know.
I have a lot of smelly clothes in my room that I need to wash asap. The stench is getting overbearing man.
I wish someone would come and wash them for me. I am as lazy as He makes them.
I hate arrogance. Even when it comes from me.
I miss mangoes. As of now.
I smell like a sweating pig. Seriously. Ha ha.
I crave something I can not divulge.
I search for contentment. This is the first of the clichés.
I wonder why you still haven’t given up reading this.
I love the way she smiles. Who? Well, I am not telling.
I care about my family. But they don’t know that.
I ache for Samtse, Bhutan.
I am not as depressing as I might seem.
I believe God made women because he found man was imperfection personified.
I dance like a madcap. You step on my tail and watch me fly off the hook.
I sing in the bathroom. Sometimes when I shit. Most of the times when I am alone.
I cry rarely. Though it’s an activity one should indulge in more often.
I don’t always like these tag thingies. They are boring half the time.
I write loads of stuff. Some good. Most mundane. Rest hogwash.
I win when I am the only one playing.
I lose when there is someone else too.
I always end up confused.
I listen to what gets my gun.
I can usually be found in my room, fussing over the most trivial things. God. This was the mother of all clichés.
I am happy about this tag ending.
I imagine her. All the time.

I tag Chandni and Abhinav. Listen both of you. Feel free to ignore this tag. I know tags are a pain.


  1. Yes ignore it I shall. Quite useless tha yeh but then that's what tags are about (except the city monologue you got piper and me on :P ).

    Now there is a SHE? I smell gossip yeehaha :D

  2. you should have read the other post

  3. this is interesting...and I can understand how this must have been so easy for you to complete

  4. man someone should give you a huge humungous trophy for deigning
    to do the tag.

    We are most humble and obliged, that this 'I' excercise was done only for us.

    I too, am surprised.:D

  5. ah
    think it came out wrongly...not as i had wanted to..

    but then....who's complaining?

  6. arre no, didn't mean it that way.

    and if you really were conceited, you wouldn't tell us you smell like a pig no?

    ah, logic.

  7. ah, logic. yes, of course.

    but some people think otherwise. so, you know, have to make sure the point gets across

    and yes, the concerned must have taken notice of the fact ;-)

    ps - can i ask you to be all hush hush about the pig thingie. Mum's the word. As the Thompsons would say

    pps - get back to me if u dint get the ps

  8. c mon man.....change the look of your blog fact it resembles C's blog.

    And you know why you don't think that you have dreams -
    1) Even if you have any, you don't think of em.

    2) You don't think of having any at all.

  9. didn't get the ps.

    and guess what?

    and no email id?

  10. Phew ... FINAL version
    Ahh..I was staying back for long time ..but since you are not posting nothing new, you could help me in clearing my one simple doubt.

    You once said -

    "That being said and done, tagging seems like a fun thing."

    argghhh ...


    "I know tags are a pain."

    Damn ...

    "I surprise myself. Sometimes." Me too.

  11. Well, yes. A very important word over there is "seems" Mister Roomie. Tags are okay if you do just about 1 in a 6 month period. But when you try to do 3 tags in a fortnight, they are bound to get tedious. That being said, it's the subject which makes it (Y) or (N).


    Ek baar mein commnent nahin hota?