Saturday, September 15, 2007

On Comments

Why do decent posts end up with just one or two comments while crappier ones end up having as many as ten?

I am not taking offense. Just curious.


  1. Dear sid,
    you cover up most of the things when you post something nice so there isn't much to say :)

  2. Dear Sid,

    I second Gravity !

    And yes, BUT Count = 0 ...good

  3. Havent read the posts u're referring to.. but a lot of times people dont want to think too much.. so a good post may make them do that, and so they skip reading or commenting on it... and "crappy" ones are probably a lighter read so they comment on it? I guess..!!

  4. I had decided to let my readers do the talking here. One of those posts where the comments are more important and thought provoking than the post itself.

    But a new reader calls for some unforseen measures ;-)



    maybe u just hit the nail on the head...but people do come back (when they have done their thinking and all)..and still dont tell how the post affected helps a writer to what affects his readers!

  5. he counts his comments
    they write their thinks
    the world is round
    we wink our winks