Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Eyes Wide Shut

I should have been asleep by now. There is an important class tomorrow. But fortune favors the foolish. Or so I presume. I have not come to believe otherwise. However, I must narrate this story. It’s like a butterfly. If I let it slip now, I will never be able to capture it. I must not create a ruckus. The room-mate has just stirred in his sleep. We must all listen in silence. And with patience.

I had just brushed my teeth and decided to call it a day when a strange train of thoughts was set into motion. It must have been the research I did for my quiz. I think I studied a bit too much about Kubrick. He got me intrigued. His strange persona and an even stranger way of confining it to celluloid. I had to see it for myself. There was no other way.

I did the needful. And when I did, I was simply stunned. The theme of A Clockwork Orange has to be called a landmark. I don't think anything else would suffice. It forced me to contemplate about such possibilities. Can extreme violence, christened ultraviolence, turn a person into a coward? Then came Eyes Wide Shut. It floored me.

The movie showcases an entirely different world. A world where there is a single emotion – lust. No other feeling comes in the way of this overwhelming passion. Love is not the magic word anymore. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is one primal instinct – the need for sex and physical satisfaction. Remember all those songs about promises and devotion that we grooved to? Well, they don’t hold any water anymore. Not in this make believe world anyway. Or is it not that fictional after all? Has it been lurking around in the corners ever since the dawn of civilization? Ever since we decided to curb that impulse and hide it away under the guise of civilization?

It would be interesting to discuss both sides of the argument here. But instead of arguments, I just have some more questions. And questions can not be confined to categories. Are human beings incapable of fidelity? Is the basic instinct too overpowering to be curbed? Can LOVE do it for us? Or will there always be suspicion lingering in our minds? Is it only the masculine gender which is more prone to such fantasies? Or is the fairer sex an equal culprit?

We might do a romantic take on things as well. We might say that i>Love makes a person less mortal and more divine. It is responsible for making us rise above these vile emotions. It makes us find heavenly bliss in mortal eyes. But then again, isn’t the supreme act of love sex itself? How do we distinguish between the two? Romantics might differentiate. Cynics might align them in the same row. I will refrain from giving my opinion. It is liable to be prejudiced.

I think, in the end, it’s all about a decision. Do we seek pleasure or happiness? Do we seek to keep giving in to our primal instincts, again and again? Or do we shun the lust for that ephemeral pleasure, put on the garb, and stake our claim to keeping the human race civilized? Do we choose to shut our eyes or keep them wide open?

It’s just the way I am feeling. Everybody has the right to disagree with it. I guess I must start devouring the masters from now on. There has to be something about the way they capture their ideas on film. I wouldn’t have been floored otherwise. Full Metal Jacket coming up Sir. Next on the menu are Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese.


  1. 1. "Can LOVE do it for us? Or will there always be suspicion lingering in our minds?"

    Neither love or sex can DO IT FOR US. Infact, nothing can as a formula. From inside, for true happiness, a human being desires neither love or sex, but empathy, something that is unattainable in the complete.

    2. "Is it only the masculine gender which is more prone to such fantasies? Or is the fairer sex an equal culprit?"

    Doubtless, both sides are ! Just that we guys don't hold it inside ;)

    3. "Isn’t the supreme act of love sex itself?"

    Don't generalise, Sid. Along with his wife, a man also loves his mother or father, so much so that it can't be measured. Sex is valid only in one kind of love.

    Anyway, I feel isnpired to watch some Kubrick. In a rare bout of passion, I just downloaded Eyes Wide Shut and Full Metal Jacket :)

  2. It's not motherly affection I am talking about here. It's just that "one kind of love" that is the bone of contention here. Nothing less. Nothing more.


    And of course happiness is, and will forever be, the eluding phantom. You and I can not claim to have an answer to that question.

  3. hmm....vicharon ka manthan hai....aur wo bhi pyar k liye.....strange...

    well what i feel is....love is supreme...sex is jst a part of it....u need 2 b clear wid the concept of love....love jst try 2 fill the missings(incompleteness) in ur life...and jst 2 make urself special 4 sum1...ur complete devlopment...!!
    rather no body can define love...jst feel it...

    kal na ye kahoge ki jise pyar karte hai wo mile...

    time will make everything happen...!!! u need 2 look beyond horizons...

    dont worry she will make u learn everything [:P]