Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Today and now, the rains seem to have taken my city hostage.
They have washed away from the streets all the vestiges of
The Day’s footprints – muddy, cheap, fashionable, or smart.
Everything looks virgin and fresh, waiting to be cleansed by
The angry, overcast skies once again. There is a merry breeze
That has travelled all the way from somewhere I don’t know.
It has brought with it the flavour of spices and condiments
From unknown lands and it assails my senses in that friendly
Manner that tells me I am home. Finally. I measure my steps
As I walk back, slowly getting soaked in the familiarity of the
Place, humming a tune to myself, allowing you a smile since
You had been so in love with it. And me. The room beams
To greet the spring in my step and I laugh back in abandon.
The light’s almost gone now and so are all the spare details.
There is an almost ghostly glow here – the bluish white kind
And I have begun to naively presume it couldn’t get better.
The soft tippity-tap on the ledge outside reminds me of you
And makes me wonder what it would be like if you were to
Think of me right now. But this is not the time to wallow in
Plight or longing and I let a little bit of life wash over me too.


  1. Some of your good posts go without comment


  2. I think only you think so.

  3. I wish more people would/could read this. Can I have it handwritten, on a white sheet of paper please? I like my room to be covered in beautiful words.

  4. okk...you want comment...
    take this

    Barbecue. Sun. Hush of River. Known Turf. Annie Zaidi. Peace