Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hot Noon

A random conversation carried out with much zeal and enthusiasm sometime around 4 in the afternoon. An afternoon which was both endless and ending.

Marvin - bada lethergic time hai man.
piper - sahi hai man.
piper - yahi theek hai man.
Marvin - but its ending, man.
Marvin - smoke, man?
piper - shit, man...
piper - I just had one, man.
Marvin - tsk tsk, man.
piper - if you want, we can have another, man.
Marvin - but man, i heard there was supposed to be checking, man to man?
Marvin - what the heck, man!
piper - that's tomorrow, lots of time till then man.
piper - especially with these long afternoons, man.
Marvin - come over then, man.
piper - ok, man!
Marvin - yo, man!

1 comment:

  1. Piper and Marvin. Some of my favourite men, man. Oh man!