Friday, May 02, 2008


O Ahalya, untouched and unchanged,
Let me suffer the curse of your vice.
O Ahalya, my frozen deity, my beloved;
Rid my tired senses of this endless strife.
O Ahalya, unspoken words of my silence,
Become a rhyme in the verse of my life.

Ahalya, by the lamp, I had seen tonight;
Tears in your eyes, by that yellow light.
Those pearls were never meant to glisten;
So the tale of woes, I promise to listen.
But that mantle, my dear, you must shed;
Reach me out, leave the obvious unsaid.

Or will you listen if I told you my story?
Its words forever, more yours, less mine.
I vow to recite from the start, the dawn
Of our togetherness, to the end, my pine.
Forgive me if I falter, for wasted I am;
You are all I have, your essence divine.


Your lips quiver, yet they make no sound.
I’ve relished your silence; deep, profound.
Every nuance of your body, each blemish
I recount in dreams; all there’s to cherish.
Each wanton curl, every guiltless twinkle,
I remember them all, to the last wrinkle.

Irresolute lips did whisper my devotion.
But did they echo your indifferent ears?
How I despised being an ignorant fool;
Was I still a stranger? Worst of my fears.
I’ve now worn out, longing for a chance;
Love’s labor’s lost, and with it my tears.


For you, dear, all inhibitions I’ve shunned.
Given more of me then you’ve returned.
Saying so, I wait, fade, hope, and trust.
Have love my faith, but only if you must.
Thus in your arms, myself I do surrender;
Let me in your light, my beautiful stranger.

I rant and rave, hoping you would listen.
Though in my heart, resigned is each wish.
I err more often than I breathe Ahalya,
Become the perfection in me, lest I perish.