Sunday, April 20, 2008


She looked so beautiful tonight. Almost full I think. But it doesn't matter. Even if she were half of herself, she would have still paled everything else in comparison. White. The best shade possible. Small. As if teasing from far away. Gorgeous. Way more sensual than my wildest dreams. Pockmarked. She seemed to personify perfection in flaws. I smile in awed surrender.

Fuck. Oh fuck!

I have followed her trail, all through the night, across my yellow window of light. I still can not get enough of her. Gosh.


  1. Yes. She was a spectacular white. Not the usual buttery yellow. I would know. I followed her too.

  2. med - yucks! you're gay :|

    piper - i think you should too. i have heard it's good for the eyes.

  3. Oh did I forget to tell you I was?