Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thousand Whispers

In a time a Thousand Whispers ago,
The entire world was our oyster.
Crumbling remains of shattered dreams;
Now greet the foolish eye’s saunter.

Hushed voices talk about a genius flawed;
In time that was a Thousand Whispers ago.
His tale now long lost in pages yellowed,
None can tell the fable from the lore.

His mind dwelt upon shores uncharted,
His heart, they say, roamed with hobbits.
Dreams not inhibited by the weird rationale;
He soared with them to the edge of fancy.

Expectations were dashed, hopes crucified.
Ambitions met with the same devil’s wrath.
Tears mated with skepticism and dejection,
His shadow now being the only company.

The Demi-God then became a lesser mortal.
A mere mortal, his glory now not flaunted.
Whispers passed uncared for, like lost love;
Hushed beyond recognition, all seemed to be.

Mustard walls now seclude the grey matter,
Ideas have politely given way to symphony.
The multitude shouts its approval of the antics;
He does his tricks, realizing the virgin irony.

But the mind, it does play strange games,
For the flawed learns to fight the odds again.
He fails more than he falters, telling signs.
Heroism in tragedy, it’s every soul’s disdain.

A time of a Thousand Whispers has passed;
Voices still mumble about that genius flawed.
The entire world is our oyster again,
Waiting patiently to be by that genius awed.


  1. does thou speaketh from thy heart? or is this just a pretty play of words?

  2. I guess I won't do justice to the effort if I let the cat out of the bag. I believe its how one perceives it. Every opinion counts and every reader matters.


  3. Is this dedicated to me ?...he he

    Not a big fan of your poetry...and this isn't my cup of tea either...haan bhavnaye samajh mein aa gayi..

    For some reason, I always think Silent Conversations was your best ever...

  4. hmmm... wud put it up in my abt me sumday....sumday soon...
    beautifully composed...

  5. Get your Watson Sherlock!! The whetstone is always needed for something razor sharp!!

    Entire world will be your oyester again....

    P.S. I for one know whats it like...

  6. "...Waiting patiently to be by that genius awed..."

    well, maybe...