Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Subterranean Homesick Alien

There weren't enough comments from the damned hudugas and hudugis on the previous post. So, I decided to put up something more for their useless praise and appraisal. After all, since they are damned already, you can't expect much from them. Whatever!

The post comes just a day before my budday. All you thaluas out there - make sure to wish me and bring sweets for me (whenever I see your irritating face). My esteemed presence can not be profaned without some incentives to do so. Gifts and sweets are the prefect excuses. And haan, an iPod would be just fine.

Life in Mysore is okay. We got a lot of work to do. But somehow the weather, the kids and the incentives (read pending salary) make it all worthwhile. I am kinda going to miss this city. It has got loads of trees, some good roads, and some even jazzier tourist attractions. Thinking of tourist spots, I must mention my visit (second one in fact) to the Mysore Palace (the day before). We were accompanying Don Williams and Susan Dray (a couple of visitors from Microsoft). Saw the I-follow-you paintings and the oh-how-so-romantic Peacock Hall all over again. I can now almost become a half-baked guide for bummers like myself. Saw the lighting and all as well.

We visited the Visvesvaraya Dam today (the Brindavan Garden locale). It was all very good. The visitors will be going back tomorrow. So we can afford to relax after 3 hectic days.

Damn, this post is getting too crappy. I can almost feel the crassness of the style. So that's it. Good Bye. See you around.

Aunty, Dave, Me - Chamundi Biking Spree

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  1. just bought a new pair shoes .Wanna feel it?